Canadian neurotechnology company Zentrela is announcing this week the EU launch of its Cognalyzer® product, which is a portable device that can scan brainwaves and leverage AI to quantify if a person is experiencing the effects of cannabis.

Cognalyzer® is the first commercially viable brainwave test on the market, and its launch is expected to further research into the impacts of cannabis, in addition to other types of products such as anxiety medication.

Ultimately, the company’s mission is to bring brainwave analysis into the mainstream.  

The startup was founded in Ontario by Engineering Scientist and entrepreneur Israel Gasperin, with the support of University of McMaster neuroscientist Dr. Dan Bosnyak.

The industry is one that is continuing to evolve on the continent. In a milestone for European drug policy, last year the first regulated sales of adult-use cannabis took place in Switzerland. This was followed by Germany at the start of 2024.

Said drug policy analyst Steve Rolles in an earlier interview, “Regulating cannabis use is no longer radical but an increasingly normalised strategy.”

According to Israel Gasperin, the company’s CEO, “The emergence of the cannabis market in the European Union creates the urgent need to generate accurate and reliable cannabis effect information that enables Europeans to make informed purchase and consumption decisions.“

Added the entrepreneur, “We’ve created a new way of conducting human trials for cannabis effect research that can be completed in 3 months rather than 18 months studies, including clinical trials. Most importantly, our EEG-driven research model is standardized and already approved by independent ethics research boards and Health Canada for C3 Non-Therapeutic Research on Cannabis (NTRC) studies, which are the non-clinical version of research in Canada.”

To learn more about the Cognalyzer®, visit here.