Startup Lisboa’s From Start-to-Table restaurant innovation accelerator with the support of Turismo de Portugal announces its winning projects following yesterday’s Demo Day.

From Start-to-Table is an acceleration program for restaurant ecosystem startups at the intersection of guest experience and technology.

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The two winners were selected based on tech and non-tech innovation in the restaurant sector, and both will receive cash prizes of €10,000 each, access to the Startup Lisboa alumni, and receive one-on-one mentorship with industry experts in finance, PR, branding, consumer trends and legal matters.

The “tech” project winner was TempJobs and the “non-tech” winner was Lemon’Mate, From Start-to-Table announced on Twitter.

The jury chose the two winners based on five criteria, classifying the projects with values from 1 to 10:

  • Project / company with differentiating business model.
  • Quality of the team and its ability to implement the project.
  • Feasibility of the idea presented.
  • Process, product or associated marketing innovation in relation to businesses already submitted.
  • Growth potential and / or scalability.

Throughout the nine weeks of October 16 – December 10, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to work on prototyping and validating their product while accessing a vast network of mentors from the most diverse areas needed to develop the business, including ecosystem specialists and investors, as well as the advantages and services offered by partners.

“In the last few months, the 22 projects have stood their ground and validated their business models in the ‘From Start-to-Table’ acceleration program,” according to the organizers.

“This program, developed with the support of Turismo de Portugal, aims to challenge entrepreneurs in the restoration ecosystem, promoting the development of innovative restoration concepts and technologies that improve the customer experience and / or restaurant operations.”

Since its opening in February 2012, Startup Lisboa has supported more than 250 projects and companies and has contributed to the raising of around 80 million euros of investment for the projects incubated.

Its mission is to foster and support innovative and scalable projects in the IT, Tourism and Trade areas.

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