Tools, tools and more tools. We all need them, but it’s not always easy to find the right one, at the right moment, for the right task.

With this is mind and because, over and over again, people were reaching out with the same problem, Factory Braga, a coworking space, launched COOL TOOLS, a web platform that will help you access and share the best tools on 4 main categories: Design & Code, Productivity, Business & Marketing e Learn.

Cool Tools

The process is very simple. You just go to the website and you can either look for the tools that you need or share the tools that you are addicted to with the world.

Imagine that you want a tool to help you to better follow-up your business leads: you go to the website, click on Productivity and after some scrolling, you find suggested by Isabel Queirós from Factory Braga.

While simple, this platform can be a good source of curated tools that will make your life much easier.