Lisbon Challenge has been receiving hundreds of high quality applications for the Spring’15 edition of the acceleration program. Finally the drum rolls have sounded and the first 12 Finalists joining the program were announced:

PakketMail (The Netherlands) – A multi-carrier shipping software combined with discounts on shipping rates from renowned carriers.

Chooos (Ukrania) – A self-promoting web store that integrates with any Facebook page.

LEAP (Bulgaria) – An online community for extreme sports.

EGGY (Portugal) – The startup that has developed an egg shaped device that allows you to track how much energy your electrical devices are using.

Dayafterday (UK)– A platform that allows you to explore and follow feeds that matter to you.

Seeusoon (Spain) – An online platform that gives you the best travelling deals so that you can meet your loved ones where they live or somewhere along the way.

DESCOLA (Brazil) – Online courses from students to students.

Vet App (Portugal) – Mobile app for veterinarians and pet owners.

Greenely (Sweeden)– Mobile app to keep track of energy usage.

Baubnb (Spain) – The airbnb for pets.

StudyQA (USA, Russia)– Online platform to help students make smart decisions when going to university.

Legal Flow (Portugal) – helping lawyers manage their legal processes through an online platform.

Some more teams joining will be announced during next week. Meanwhile, if you want to meet them all, register to the Kick Off event, taking place on the March 30th.

To all of them, welcome to Portugal and good luck!