For the 3rd year in a row, Energia de Portugal (EdP), a joint initiative of Expresso and EDP will be happening in Lisbon, as we told you before. Yesterday, we were at the launch of Energia de Portugal 2014 at Museu da Electricidade in Lisbon and we are now updating you with the 15 teams that are joining the program.


BeatmygradesDigital platform of academic help which intends to simplify access to the best private teachers in the country through online sessions via Skype and more efficient bookings/appointments.

ContractorHubA system that helps micro and small construction enterprises to be more viable through tools, connecting suppliers, constructors and workers.

I’m Iddo: They name themselves as the future of the games based on Bikr Sensor which they have developed and which, when placed in a bike, changes tricks and skills into mathematical algorithms ready to be shared on a competitive platform. 

Lost in Reality: A web and mobile application that allows creating stories and games with challenges geo-located in the city, formed by episodes associated with a certain place.

Negócios na Hora: Web page with link to Facebook, building a platform of second-hand sales, which distinguishes itself by being easy, quick and secure.

Pane: An application based on data collection of the user’s everyday life, creating personalised and statistical data, in real time.

PriciousBig products best prices.  Via online advertising the user answers a question and wins discounts.

PrimetagTo run away from the traditional form of online advertising they do not present ads, but links that complement the content presented in a site.

ShopkitIt is a complete e-commerce solution which allows anyone or any company to easily create and manage all that a digital shop implies.

Tropico: A set of digital tools which helps, in a more direct way, children suffering from Dyslexia to overcome specific reading and writing difficulties.

Estoque UP: An acquisitions and inventory solution for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Me Passa Aí!: A distance learning digital platform for students.

Say2Me: It allows evaluating the customers’ satisfaction just using a cellular phone.

SocitripIt recommends tourists about the best places to visit, transports and restaurants, in real time.

Tripalocal: A platform that gathers travelers and local inhabitants, the latter offering typical experiences out of the usual tourist circuits.