Talks in Portugal continue to heat up about the need for greater Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) policies.

It goes without question that the space is becoming increasingly complex due to a jump-up in new regulations, higher shareholder expectations and growing reporting requests.

At the same time, interest from investors in ESG enterprises continues to grow. In fact, a report from Morgan Stanley this year showed that close to 3000 international investors believe strong ESG practices can lead to better returns. 

On top of that, ESG metrics increasingly included in executives’ performance-related bonuses.  

What the market is signaling with this is clear: ESG is here to stay.

This is where Credibl, headquartered in San Francisco and with clients across the globe, enters. The startup, which recently announced a partnership with HLB HAMT, is on a mission to address the pain points involved in ESG and to make it easy and accurate to report on achievements.

The company offers an intelligent, end-to-end platform to measure against any number of ESG metrics, while also offering features like an ESG virtual assistant, automatic peer benchmarking and variance analysis that spots manual mistakes. 

Credibl CEO Jitesh Shetty

All of these tools promise to make it easier for companies to monitor their performance to see if they’re making progress towards ESG goals and identify areas that need adjustment. In turn, with transparent, accurate reports to hand, companies can build trust and authenticity with investors, stakeholders and clients. 

The company’s platform was built by a team of serial entrepreneurs, and is led by CEO Jitesh Shetty, a Silicon Valley veteran who previously founded Qwiklabs, an early innovator in the public cloud learning space that was acquired by Google in 2016. 

It’s clear that ESG data represents one of the greatest opportunities in the history of capital markets to gain deeper insight into the proper drivers of long-term value. The data offers a huge opportunity to gain deeper insights into how capital markets can be drivers of long-term value and sustainable change.

Platforms such as Credibl mean that enterprises can go further with their environmental initiatives to better track these efforts.