A recent Harvard Business Review survey found that for every startup deal a VC firm invests in, the fund considers a median 101 opportunities. Each venture capital deal, in fact, ends up taking 83 days on average to close.

The above shows just how laborious and time-consuming traditional research methods employed by investors can be. 

Finta is a startup, with the support of its AI-powered CRM platform, that supports investor activity in this area.

The company was founded by Kevin Siskar, who is no stranger to the challenges associated with financing great ideas. To date he’s supported over 160 early-stage technology companies.

How Finta’s technology works

The first aim of VCs is to connect with promising founders looking for funding. Finta looks to help here by provides investors with access — to all this information — in one place.

Its platform automatically organizes key data points like cap tables, along with all due diligence materials, making it much more quick and efficient when reviewing potential deals. 

What this approach means, is investors are able to support more deals due to time saved.

Not only can investors review more potential deals more quickly, but once deals have been made Finta helps to manage the investments and relationships. 

Additionally, Finta helps investors support the startup community by easily enabling investors to make introductions to others within a similar industry who might be interested.

The platform today is helping angel investors, VC firms and private equity experts to manage their deal flow and relationships across industries. Ultimately, its aim is to make it easier for founders and investors to connect and build successful deals together. 

To learn more visit www.trustfinta.com