Portugal’s Mobi.eTours is the first startup in the electric mobility sector to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, with the aim of raising €70,000.

Cascais-based Mobi.eTours became the first in the electric mobility industry to use Seedrs, Europe’s largest equity crowdfunding platform, to raise funds from investors around the world.

In the ongoing campaign, mobi.eTours aims to raise €70,000, in exchange for 7% of its capital, valuing the company at €930,000.

The campaign has already reached more than 71% of the ultimate goal in just two days.

Founded in Portugal by Rui Fraga Fontes and João Coelho Mateus, mobi.eTours is an electric mobility service for tourists, which allows for city tours in an ecological, sustainable and silent way, respecting the environment and his historical heritage.

mobi.eTours mobility seedrs

Rui Fraga Fontes

“Traveling is the only thing anyone can buy that makes them richer. Bringing home the culture and heritage of a people without compromising the future for the next generations is our motto,” said Fraga in a statement.

“This campaign at Seedrs will allow the acquisition of vehicles and to move forward with our commercial activity early next year. With this financing model we are able not only to attract investors from all over the world, but also to promote our service to potential clients and partners,” he added.

The 100% electric vehicles (two-seat quadricycles and scooters) are equipped with a tablet that runs an application with GPS integrated audio guide system that, in addition to guiding the tourist through the city, according to the selected tour, gives relevant information about places of tourist interest and monuments.

This way, tourists have the possibility to immerse themselves in the local culture, since the app also provides information about restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.

The electric vehicles (EVs) will connect to the city ecosystem using an app on a smartphone or tablet on the EV. The user will be able to book a visit to a monument, find more information about restaurants or be notified about which hot-spots to visit.

The geo-localization system will allow the EV to alert the user that is passing through a point of interest and will give information to help decide whether to stop or not.

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The funding raised through the campaign at Seedrs will be directed towards the purchase of electric vehicles that will allow mobi.eTours to start their commercial activity in the spring of 2019.

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