Lisbon is about to host the best business angels and venture capitalists in the country and Europe for the first time at the Business Angel Summit.

The Business Angel Summit is a two-day event that will provide current and aspiring investors with the knowledge and best practices needed to invest in startups and companies efficiently and with quality.

“The Business Angel Summit is an event that aims to showcase the best that is done in Portugal and abroad”

Born from the legacy of the 10 editions of the FNABA Business Angels National Congress, the Business Angel Summit is a unique event created by Beta-i and FNABA (National Federation of Business Angels Associations), which brings together four events in one, dedicated to strategies and opportunities for investment in the ecosystem.

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business angel summit

Pedro Bandeira

“The growing activity of Business Angels (BAs) required a space of sharing and discussion for national BAs and foreign BAs interested in investing in Portugal,” said Pedro Bandeira, President of FNABA.

“The Business Angel Summit, an event that aims to showcase the best that is done in Portugal and abroad and discuss ways that lead to the development, professionalization and cooperation of the Business Angels in Portugal, was created by a combination of efforts of several entities,” he added.

On December 13, the event kicks off at Palacete Bensaude, with Investors Academy, an immersive program created by Beta-i on startups structured investment.

business angel summit

Pedro Rocha Vieira

“The first day of the Business Angel Summit, powered by Beta-i, will have a very practical and educational aspect. Investing in startups and companies effectively and efficiently is not innate, it is a science that is learned and recycled,” said Pedro Rocha Vieira, CEO of Beta-i.

“Therefore, in addition to supporting startups in growing their business, we also aim to enable current and aspiring business angels and venture capitalists to create their investment philosophy, to succeed and to promote a greater co-investment culture,” he added.

On the first day participants will have the opportunity to learn firsthand with experienced investors and venture capitalists such as

  • Jessica Stacey (Bethnal Green Ventures)
  • Jacqueline Holmes (Midori Management)
  • Luis Roquette Geraldes (Morais Leitão, Galvão)
  • Orson Stadler (Mustard Seed VC)
  • Marta Palmeiro (Pier Partners)
  • Laura González-Estéfani City)
  • Urmas Peiker (Funderbeam)

The day will end with an edition of Fuckup Nights, a time dedicated to sharing stories about failure and its importance in the learning process, in which three to four investors will share their professional fuckup in a room full of strangers.

Fuckup Nights was created in 2012 in Mexico, and it currently holds events in about 80 countries and in more than 300 cities around the world.

The second day of the event, designed by FNABA and Beta-i, takes place in the IAPMEI Auditorium and invites participants to attend a series of panels in which the national ecosystem and investment strategies will be under debate.

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On stage will be speakers such as:

  • Gonzalo Trader (Faraday Venture Partners)
  • Andrés Areitio (The Venture City)
  • Jessica Stacey (Bethanl Green Ventures)
  • Orson Stadler (Mustard Seed VC)
  • Chitra Stern (Portugal IN)
  • Pedro Falcão LC Ventures)
  • José Basílio Simões (Vegaventures)
  • Ana Paula Reis (Busy Angels)
  • Pedro Bandeira, Founder of REDAngels and president of FNABA
  • And more

At the end of the event, attending investors will still be able to watch a pitching moment with several finalist startups from the Lisbon Challenge from Beta-i, providing an opportunity to build or complete the investment pipeline.

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