Talkdesk, a leading developer of cloud-based contact center software, today announces the launch of a $10 million Innovation Fund for the development of disruptive customer service solutions.

“Talkdesk is committed to leading through innovation – it’s what drives us”

After having raised $100 million in its last round of financing and reaching an evaluation of over $1 billion, Portugal’s third unicorn intends to lead the future of the customer service solutions sector.

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To empower customer service representatives and improve the overall customer journey, the company announced at the time of the funding that it would double-down on research and development in key technology areas, such as intelligent context-sensitive routing of voice and digital interactions, actionable analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Now, the Talkdesk Innovation Fund has been built on the success of AppConnect, with more than 50 partners that allows users to install other solutions to Talkdesk software, giving more tools to contact center operators.


Tiago Paiva

“Talkdesk is committed to leading through innovation – it’s what drives us, it drives our industry forward, and innovation is what most benefits our customers,” said Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk.

“The Talkdesk Innovation Fund demonstrates our support to the contact center industry as a whole, promoting advances that will reshape and modernize space, and create future-proof solutions for our customers,” he added.

The announcement was made during the company’s annual event. Opentalk was held November 7-8 in San Francisco and was attended by more than 100 speakers and 5,000 participants to discuss the future of consumer experience, present and discuss best practices and trends in this universe.

Talkdesk provides the capabilities and feedback of products to innovative companies, enabling them to launch more solutions faster.

In this way, Talkdesk customers become more competitive because they have more immediate access to industry innovations.

The Portuguese unicorn was among the top 10 most referenced startups in Portugal in the media in 2018.

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With more than 1,400 innovative, customer-centric customers such as IBM, Peloton and Stitch Fix, Talkdesk will continue to remake the contact center industry and drive the next generation of interactive customer engagement.

The company currently has offices in the US, the UK, and Portugal and will continue to aggressively grow its global operations, marketing and sales organizations.

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