Portuguese startup MUB Cargo, incubated at Startup Braga, is carrying out an innovative pilot project with the German multinational company Kathrein Automotive to digitize express cargo shipping.

MUB Cargo provides shipping services of all sizes of good, from small packages to large containers, thoughout all of Europe at competitive prices. They offer quote comparisons between carriers as well as a garaunteed service follow-up.

After raising over €500,000 in April, the Portuguese startup will look to expand to Spain to connect with Spanish carriers for the transportation of cargo.

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The new service will transform a sector where the traditional model still persists while adding numerous benefits, including greater transparency, reliability and speed, and fewer associated risks.

The online solution, a platform of “intermediation” between the customer and the carriers, will soon be launched in Europe for all companies that require urgent, express delivery services.

The concept is simple: from a price per kilometer agreement with some of the current transport partners, MUB Cargo presents immediate solutions for express transport in the European territory.

digitize express shipping

Mariana Gomes

“The digitization of express transport responds to a need in the transport market,” said Mariana Gomes, Co-founder and Managing Director at MUB Cargo.

“This partnership with Kathrein allows us to develop a new paradigm in the industry, streamline and make access to this specific service more immediate and transparent, for the benefit of all its players,” she added.

There is a confirmation of availability – common in this type of transport – by the partner selected for the service, which is validated in terms of punctuality and reliability by Kathrein Automotive.

The validation criteria of this online solution for the express service are very demanding. The platform should allow the speed of response to the request and the real-time tracking of the sending. The added value for the industry includes responding to special loads in areas less covered by most carriers, thereby ensuring the delivery of especially critical and urgent material.

digitize express shipping

Miguel Pinto

“In the automotive sector especially, express transportation needs are very recurrent, due to the requirement to meet the assembly line schedules of this industry,” said Miguel Pinto, Administrator at Kathrein Automotive Portugal.

“A failure to deliver certain goods can even result in losses of thousands of euros per minute,” he added, acknowledging the importance of this innovative service to overcome the challenges that are posed to the transport and their ability to solve urgent market situations.

It is precisely in this highly demanding environment that MUB Cargo, an online marketplace for the transport of all kinds of goods, is validating the solution of immediate prices for the express transport, working together with Kathrein Automotive.

MUB Cargo prepares entry into Spain

MUB Cargo has been increasing its activity as a freight intermediary marketplace in Portugal. The services developed by the company have proved to be an efficient tool to combine the transport needs of its customers at competitive prices.

The Portuguese startup is now in the stage of growth and geographical expansion. After closing a financing round worth €500,000, MUB Cargo will direct the investment raised to enter the Spanish market, having already begun to promote its services through already active transport partnerships for this geographical area.

After establishing themselves firmly as an intermediary marketplace of freight in Portugal, where they excelled at matching the transportation needs of their customers at competitive prices with their ability to identify availability on the part of carriers, they are now looking to expand throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

MUB Cargo was initially incubated at Startup Braga – it is now in a phase of tremendous growth and geographical expansion.