Volkswagen Financial Services launches Ducati Financial Services in Portugal dedicated to the motorcycle sector, in partnership with the Ducati brand.

Ducati Financial Services is a specialist in financial services whose mission is to support Ducati customers and partners through the provision of the best financing and acquisition solutions for all types of clients.

“The possibility that we can count on our brand universe with a brand with the emotional positioning associated with the Ducati brand makes us very enthusiastic,” said Alexandre Vasco, Head of Marketing at Volkswagen Financial Services.

The ambition of Ducati Financial Services is to finance 20% of brand motorcycles sold in Portugal this year. In 2017, Ducati sold 300 units in the Portuguese market and more than 56,000 units worldwide. Ducati Financial Services was launched in 2013 in Germany after having integrated the Volkswagen Group in the previous year.

The partnership with Volkswagen Financial Services facilitates the expansion of the Ducati brand in Portugal, which now has a reference partner in the area of ​​financial services in Portugal, as it already happens in other markets.

Ducati customers who choose to finance the acquisition now have even more advantageous conditions, not only in terms of price but also the services offered, making the dream of having a Ducati a reality.

Ducati Financial Services’ offer includes financing solutions, such as credit, where the customer can opt for a short or long term, with or without initial entry, and is thus adjustable to customer needs. Soon other solutions, such as credit with options, will be available soon.

Ducati Launch marked with discount campaign 

To mark its launch in Portugal, Ducati Financial Services has created a campaign with special financing conditions and a wide range of services and offers.

The customers benefit from the offer of the expenses of opening the financing contract, as well as the extension of the official guarantee period, with offer of Ducati Ever Red 12, for another year. The solutions presuppose a minimum funding of €2,500 and for periods of at least 24 months.

In April Volkswagen Financial Services acquired a total of 90% of the shares of Lisbon-based software startup VTXRM.

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With its Accipiens software, VTXRM covers digital contract processing for financial and renting companies, and is already being used by Volkswagen Financial Services in several countries after having been implemented first in Portugal.

VTXRM has several clients worldwide for its Accipiens software and has been a leading supplier of Volkswagen Financial Services since 2012.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen Financial Services operates and coordinates the financial services activities of the Volkswagen Group throughout the world.

Volkswagen Financial Services has a total of 15,770 employees worldwide with total assets reaching €186.9 billion and a portfolio of 19.7 million contracts.