Volkswagen Financial Services acquires a total of 90% of the shares of Lisbon-based software startup VTXRM.

With its Accipiens software, VTXRM covers digital contract processing for financial and renting companies, and is already being used by Volkswagen Financial Services in several countries after having been implemented first in Portugal.

volkswagen lisbon startup

Mario Daberkow

“Accipiens is one of our globally implemented contract management systems that helps us standardize processes globally, increase productivity, and reduce costs,” said Volkswagen Financial Services CIO Mario Daberkow.

“Ensuring VTXRM’s long-term supply capacity and future development in the Volkswagen Financial Services Group are additional goals of this acquisition, and we look forward to further progress together with VTXRM,” he added.

VTXRM has several clients worldwide for its Accipiens software and has been a leading supplier of Volkswagen Financial Services since 2012.

Accipiens supports the complete lifecycle of leasing (equipment, operational and real estate), auto credit, personal loans, credit cards, mortgage, factoring/reverse, wholesale and netting accounts.

The software provides a complete management solution from the point-of-sale through acquisition, risk assessment, and contract management until the end of contract, including receivables, payables, and accounting.

volkswagen lisbon startup

Christian Dahlheim

“We intend to offer all essential financial products and services online by the year 2020. Accipiens is an important tool to exploit the benefits of also allows us to establish simple and efficient contract management processes,” added Christian Dahlheim, Member of the Board of Management at Volkswagen Financial Services.

The Portuguese startup will continue to serve its customers outside the Volkswagen Financial Services Group and operate independently in the market, aiming to further expand its business.

VTXRM employs close to 100 people, and its mission is “to boost our customers’ business by developing strong and reliable partnerships, founded on permanent satisfactory implementation of solutions and accurateness of provided services.”

The company from Lisbon is a worldwide leader in providing software and expert consultancy for the finance sector, helping costumers to optimize operational and business processes.

Volkswagen Financial Services acquired a total of 90% of the shares in the Portuguese software company VTXRM Software Factory LDA through a majority stake in the management holding company Softbridge – Projectos Tecnológicos SA.

volkswagen lisbon startup

Nuno Silva

The other shareholder and partner in Softbridge is the Founder and CEO of VTXRM, Nuno Silva, who will continue to lead.

Prior to founding VTXRM, Silva was the IT Director at Vantyx Systems, where Accipiens was first developed.

In 2009 BMW Financial Services Portugal chose Vantyx Accipiens for its new contract management system.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen Financial Services operates and coordinates the financial services activities of the Volkswagen Group throughout the world.

Volkswagen Financial Services has a total of 15,770 employees worldwide with total assets reaching €186.9 billion and a portfolio of 19.7 million contracts.