In an effort to include at least 40% of women as speakers in tech events, Portuguese Women in Tech is creating a Portuguese Female Speakers List.

Portuguese Women in Tech is putting together a list of Portuguese Female Speakers in Tech to help conference organizers create more gender-balanced events. The aim is to have at least 40% of female speakers in all panels and conferences.

Anyone can help add to the Portuguese Female Speakers List via the online form here.

As of April 23 the list has just under 100 names, which you can check out here (it’s a Google Doc, and you may click on the tabs at the bottom to see each woman in tech by category).

If you are a female entrepreneur who does not want to be included in the list or if you are looking to get in touch with people who are included in the list, you may contact

The Female Speakers List initiative is led by Liliana Castro, Founder and Manager FES Agency, along with the Co-Founder of Portugal Startups and Startup Pirates, Inês Santos Silva.

Silva is also a Special Adviser for the Cabinet of the Secretary of State of Industry in Porto.

With the support of FES Agency, Marzee Labs, and Porto i/o, the mission of Portuguese Women in Tech is to improve the tech industry with great startups while looking to show the outside world a more comprehensive picture of the Portuguese Women in tech that work to make things happen.

The Portuguese Women in Tech – Manifesto (translated)

Not only men make unicorns and not only men develop and feed an ecosystem like the national entrepreneurial community. There are many women involved, from engineers to marketers, from founders to insatiable explorers, and the reality is that women are an integral part of all the successes recognized by the national technological community.

The Portuguese Women in Tech platform aims to present a portrait of Portuguese women who make a difference in the technology industry, arousing the attention of the most curious to what is done well in Portugal by the hands of women entrepreneurs.

The idea arose from the understanding of the need for mechanisms that show that we women are equally present and undeniably involved in the achievements that bear the names of big startups and companies across borders.

From the first national pre-acceleration program that became international and reached dozens of other countries to one of the great national technologies that conquered the market on the other side of the Atlantic. From a doctor who has dedicated herself to developing a solution that improves the quality of work for doctors to a lawyer who has left her corporate experience to focus on ensuring that startups are legally well-advised.

This platform is a showcase that presents the different profiles, experiences, and knowledge of women who are all different but equally important.

Liliana Castro, Founder of the Portuguese Women in Tech community.