The 21 finalists for the eighth edition of Montepio Acredita Portugal are announced at the Microsoft Portugal headquarters in Lisbon.

All finalists will now go through a pre-acceleration period of five weeks, during which the teams meet with various entities with the aim of acquiring skills for the development and implementation of their projects.

The finalists of the Montepio Acredita Portugal were divided into seven categories for the contest:

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • New Products
  • Web Platforms
  • New Technologies
  • 2018 Mobility Brisa Award
  • K.Tech Award

The evaluation of each category was carried out by a panel of specialized jurors, whose ultimate goal was to identify the three best projects in each area.

Here are the 21 finalists broken down into the seven categories:

Social Entrepreneurship

Dress a Girl Around the World Portugal: Project that promotes the socialization and the sense of usefulness of the senior population residing in Portugal, through intergenerational sewing meetings, which are made dresses for girls from poor countries, bringing dignity and hope to the children.

MyPolis: A mobile platform to connect politicians and citizens. The main features are the ability to refer to political proposals, messages between citizens and politicians, and the creation of a citizenship profile. It aims to be a Tinder of ideas to stimulate civic participation.

GiveToU: App that connects volunteers, social organizations and businesses. Volunteers can contribute in three ways: directly in the institution, through donations and turning their time into money for social organizations through response to questionnaires, paid work, etc.


Explica-me: A quick and intuitive platform that establishes the contact between parents and students who are looking for an explanator and, on the other hand, explainers and centers of explanation that want to make known their services.

Education Zone: Company dedicated to the development of new products / contents (objects + apps + web formats) and activities in the education area that are transversal to several areas of knowledge, to various age groups and also to children and young people with special educational needs .

City Check: Interactive games based on location, which provide pedagogical and informative content about the place that families are visiting.

New products

Sal Verde — Be Healthy: Controlled production and commercialization of Fresh Salicornia, or Green Salt, all year round, since it is an industrializable process that lacks a type of disinfected plant production under controlled conditions (temperature and luminosity) and optimization of nutrients, allowing greater access.

UPA Kids: Evolutionary and sustainable furniture that grows with children.

Plant @ Home: An automated greenhouse for planting vegetables and herbs at home. Allows the definition of atmospheric conditions in a remote way, with alerts system. It is a modular solution.

Web Platforms

SpinDots: Social Network specializing in the consumer enjoying personalized promotions and awards. If you are not a buyer at the moment, you can exchange them or offer them through your Friends Network in the Platform. This creates new dynamics for the store by generating more sales and recruiting more consumers.

Keep Warranty: Mobile application that allows you to organize and store collateral and invoices, notifying you when you are about to expire. In addition, it allows you to have constant access to your invoices.

Social Grid: Platform that joins brands to digital influencers: the brand creates a campaign (FREE) and receives dozens of content produced by the influencers. Then you only have to approve the ones you really like and the influencer publishes on your social networks.

New technologies

vmotoR Xperience: Automotive driving simulations for driving training on the road or to the motorized sports area, using a real chassis of an automobile model, integrated with motion robotics, a 200º imaging system, providing a unique experience.

Link My Place: IoT solution that brings together sensors, devices and smartphones for easy creation of revolutionary processes and fantastic experiences in a smartphone app.

Vr 4 Neuro Pain: An innovative technological system that combines virtual reality with an intelligent glove with biosensors and whose goal is the rehabilitation of patients with neuropathic pain.

2018 Mobility Breeze Award

Huubster: Evaluation and certification of used pre-purchase cars to ensure more informed and, better, purchases. In addition, it helps in the search for post-purchase car discounts.

Famility: It aims to reduce the traffic and effects of school logistics in cities through a platform that interconnects families, schools and children carriers, simplifying the management of family mobility, optimizing transport resources and logistics processes.

BGN – Bus Global Network: Global bus reservation management platform.

K.Tech Award:

iClimate Advisor: aims to create Weather Business Analytics in order to allow a qualitative leap in the use of weather information adapted to the business.

Elephai: Integrated solution based on three products, which allows to improve the quality of life for patients with neurodegenerative diseases and their relatives, but also to make the management of hospital centers of care to these patients more efficient.

Crane Syst: Digitization of the construction industry.

In total, Montepio Acredita Portugal received 11,477 applications. The largest number of submitted projects is related to social entrepreneurship (2,050 applications), followed by Commerce (898), restoration (645) and industry (635).

The awards ceremony takes place on May 30, 2018 at the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa. The contest counts, among others, with partners such as Caixa Economic Montepio Geral, Brisa, KCS IT, Creative Minds, Say U Consulting, Microsoft, Sage, 360 Print, and