Portugal’s first Java conference, JNation, will take place June 19 in Coimbra with speakers from Google, Amazon, and Oracle.

JNation, the international technology conference dedicated to the Java programming language and associated technologies, comes to Coimbra June 19 where representatives from Google, Amazon, and Oracle will be presenting.

Taking place at the Convento de São Francisco in Coimbra, JNation attendees will be able to learn more about Java from some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Ticket prices for JNation range from €30 to €75, with student discounts and a promotional price running through the end of April.

Update June 14, 2018: Tickets have been sold to capacity, but there is a last-minute waiting list at €100, and over 500 Java enthusiasts will be in attendance.

The purpose of JNation is to give programmers and participating companies access to the latest developments and trends for the future of this area of ​​software engineering.

Several speakers from the top tech companies are already guaranteed including Ray Tsang from Google; Vinicius Senger from Amazon Web Services, David Delabassée from Oracle, Nicolas Frankel from SAP Hybris, and Juergen Hoeller, Co-Founder and project leader at the Spring Framework.

Coimbra has dozens of companies and more than a thousand software engineers working in this area, which makes the city an appropriate venue to host this event and position itself as a keystone in the world of international technological conferences.

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The conference is an initiative organized by the Coimbra Java User Group (JUG) in partnership with alphaCoimbra – a non-profit association made up of entrepreneurs with the objective of implementing activities that make Coimbra one of the most innovative and vibrant medium-sized cities in Europe.

Java technology is the most popular programming language in the world and used by more than 10 million professionals, according to the Tiobe index.

Java is the platform of choice to solve the most diverse challenges in supercomputers, integrated systems, cloud computing, and the Internet of things. The platform is used in industries such as banking, health, energy, and transport, among many others.

The realization of JNation in Coimbra is a result of the dynamism and interest that the local Java community has demonstrated during the activities of Coimbra JUG, a group with more than 400 users that has promoted lectures where guest speakers present the latest news, professional experiences and best practices in the software industry.