The world’s premier startup launch program for talented entrepreneurs, the Founder Institute, partners with Bright Pixel to launch an accelerator program in Lisbon.

The Founder Institute returns to Portugal in partnership with Bright Pixel to find and support talented entrepreneurs who want to develop technology business ideas without having to leave their jobs.

The Founder Institute program is one of the most popular in the world and will start in Lisbon in early May with applications being accepted until April 22. For three months participants will follow a program that provides structure, mentoring by local and international mentors, and a global network of entrepreneurs in order to create a successful technology company.

This is not the first time the Founder Institute partnered in Portugal. In 2016 the Founder Institute also partnered with DNA Cascais to help professionals launch startups in Lisbon.

To celebrate the partnership, Adeo Ressi, CEO and founder of Founder Institute, joins Celso Martinho, CEO and founder of Bright Pixel, on a panel on the Future of Venturing Models today at 6:30PM, at Bright Pixel in Lisbon.

Founder Institute Lisbon

Adeo Ressi

“Lisbon is a key market for the Founder Institute in Europe. We see opportunity to help unlock the entrepreneurial talent in order to create enduring companies through our part-time program,” said Ressi.

Bright Pixel, which partnered with Startup Braga in January, will award the best technology project from the retail, telecoms and cybersecurity areas with €5,000 and sponsor fellowships to the best candidates in the Founder Institute partnership.

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Founder Institute Lisbon

Celso Martinho

“With this partnership, we intend to reinforce Bright Pixel’s position in supporting the training of entrepreneurial talent and the creation of new startups of great potential and with international projection. We believe that this connection with the Founder Institute will allow us to create conditions for new opportunities for connection between new entrepreneurs, businesses and the international ecosystem to emerge,” said Martinho.

The Founder Institute program seeks talented entrepreneurs and aims to give them tools to start a business. In order to complete graduation, the entrepreneur will have to develop an idea for a technology company, plan the business, work on an offer, set up the company and complete all the tasks in a period of about three months.

During the three months, 14 sessions will be held at Bright Pixel’s after-work hours, which will cover all the topics on how to form and grow a business.

There will be more free discussion sessions on the program, accompanied by thematic lectures, and the next one will be on March 8, at 6:30PM, with the theme “Engineer to Entrepreneur: Startup Basics for Techies” by Pedro Queiró, co-founder and CTO by Dreamshaper.