Portuguese biotech company specializing in regenerative tissue and organ therapy for animals, Vetherapy, is leaving home for Silicon Valley.

The first Portuguese biotech company to provide regenerative therapies for application in the veterinarian clinical field is renamed Vetherapy Corp as it makes the move from Portugal to Silicon Valley, Info Franchising reported on Tuesday.

portuguese biotech silicon valley

Pedro Carvalho

“When we were contacted to take the company to Silicon Valley to enter the North American market, we realized that it was a unique opportunity that we could not miss,” said Pedro Carvalho, Founder and CEO at Vetherapy Corp.

“Above all, we realize that our products, and the clinical results we have obtained with them, have begun to catch the attention of some important agents in this world of biotechnology, which makes us naturally very happy and proud of the work we have developed,” he added.

Vetherapy Corp’s biotech products and solutions include:

  • Cryopreservation product – Cord-Stem is a cryopreservation and storage service (up to 10 years) of mesenchymal stem cells isolated from the umbilical cord. The owner gets a storage certificate that is transferable to future buyers of the animal, thus increasing its value.
  • Wound healing product – Wound Care is a wound healing hydrogel available in 5mL syringes. This gel promotes rehydration of necrotic tissue leading to faster healing of the wound after its debridement. It can be used in several types of wounds: ulcers, pressure wounds, cavity wounds, fistulas, post-operative wounds, exuding sloughy or necrotic wounds.
  • Stem cell therapy – Treatments for dogs, cats, and horses to regenerate tissue, heal wounds, and boost immune systems.

In addition to the move from Portugal to Silicon Valley, Vetherapy Corp was also able to enter the Middle East market, having already signed the first major distribution agreement.

“One of Dubai’s biggest distributors contacted us with great interest in our products. We have already closed the first big order, and in February we are going to formalize this partnership and discuss the possibility of building a Vetherapy Production Center there, so we can serve the whole region,” said Carvalho.

The past few days Vetherapy Corp has been in meetings with international investors and events.

“We all know of the importance of Silicon Valley as the technological cradle for the vast majority of innovations being applied around the world. Recently, the biotechnology area has attracted more and more attention and investment, so it was with great satisfaction that we embraced this challenge,” the CEO added.