Brazilian innovation consultancy, Kyvo, opens a new office in Lisbon to help companies in the EU with digital transformation.

Having offices in both Silicon Valley and Sao Paulo, Kyvo’s venture into Portugal comes at a time when digital transformation is disrupting companies all across the European Union.

digitally transform lisbon

Hilton Menezes

“Today, Lisbon presents one of the best ecosystems for innovation in Europe. It has high-quality professionals and successful policies to foster entrepreneurship,” said Hilton Menezes, Co-Founder at Strategic Designer at Kyvo.

According to the Menezes, the arrival of Kyvo in Portugal not only serves as a gateway to Europe, it also opens a series of opportunities for extension projects carried out in partnership with companies in the region that are already under way in Brazil.

“We automatically become a potential partner for these corporations,” Menezes added.

digitally transform lisbon

Mauro Bastos

Kyvo’s arrival in Portugal will count on a strategic partnership with Mauro Bastos, who was just named Managing Partner Europe & Digital Transformation Officer at Kyvo.

Bastos previously worked in sales at Microsoft for more than 10 years, and he will be responsible for all digital transformation projects.

“Portuguese companies are expected to invest more than €3.5 billion in digital transformation and IT over the next two years. In addition to being a significant market, innovation is one of its main potentials,” said Bastos in a press release.

The Portuguese capital Lisbon was chosen in 2015 as one of the best cities for innovation and entrepreneurship by the European Union.

The award comes from a series of measures to reduce bureaucracy and encourage the emergence of startups. One of the most recent was the creation of a public-private venture capital fund with 200 million euros for risky investments.

Founded in 2015, Kyvo offers solutions in the areas of digital transformation, corporate innovation, startup acceleration programs and service innovation.

Kyvo Design-Driven Innovation is an innovation platform that enables medium and large companies to seek new business and management improvements through concepts such as Service Design, User Experience, Ethnographic Research and Business Modeling.

Kyvo is also the Brazilian representative of Silicon Valley’s GSVlabs innovation center. Through the partnership, it is responsible for the acceleration of Brazilian startups using GSVlabs methodologies and strategies, as well as the support of more than 170 mentors to boost national entrepreneurs.