Foreigners looking to get acquainted with Portugal’s Northwest city of Braga can now download an orientation app available in five languages.

International citizens who are looking to live, work, invest, or simply visit the city of Braga, can now use the BragaINTEGRA app to orient themselves in their new surroundings, according to Vila Verde.

Developed by Braga-based startup, BSB – Smart & Bright Ideas, the app for iOS and Android serves to answer common questions such as, “What public services should I go to?” “Where are they located?” and “What documents do I need?”

These and other questions can be answered through the app, so that the user always knows what to do and avoid problems, be they bureaucratic, legal, or other.

braga startup multilingual app

Firmino Marques

“This is an extraordinary tool for those who come to Braga in search of better living conditions and fulfill their dreams,” said Braga City Council Vice-President Firmino Marques.

“This is an innovative project, unique in the national context, and an instrument of communication that eases the lives of those who seek answers but don’t know how to obtain them or where to go,” he added.

Available in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Ukrainian, the BragaENTREGA app, in Marques’ words, “allows the user to know more information about the city such as health services, educational institutions, heritage, public transport , news, events, among other services.”

Founded by Carlos BragaAdolfo Ferreira, and João António Pires de Carvalho
BSB – Smart & Bright Ideas bills itself as having the best internet solutions for small, medium and large companies by always offering a smart and economic proposal to its customers while creating and/or reinforcing their presence on the Web.

“We are talking about an experience of personalized service, which is constantly updated and directly linked to municipal services. This application allows the assistance, monitoring and integration of immigrants, and can be used by tourists, as it contains various information that helps them to know the city and its dynamics, ” added Marques.