Infraspeak, a Porto-based tech startup developing an innovative facility management platform, grew its customer base by 282%, its revenues by 243% and relies today on an 11-people team.

After an initial focus on product development and understanding market needs, in 2016 Infraspeak focused on growth and internationalization, counting over 2.500 buildings and 70.000 equipment under management, belonging to 42 customers in Portugal, Angola and Brazil.

Infraspeak Felipe

Felipe Ávila da Costa

Among new customers it is worth mentioning big hotel chains like Vila Galé, Intercontinental, Four Views and Holiday Inn Express, large store networks from Agência Abreu and Unilabs, as well as leading technical assistance companies like Fernando Martins, Frostline and Nonio Hiross.

Felipe Ávila da Costa, Co-Founder and CEO, states that 2016 was an amazing year for Infraspeak:

we nailed product-market fit, posted exponential growth in several fields, entered the Brazilian market and built a solid and talented team.

A year ago, the two founders relied solely on the help of a part-time software engineer to develop their product. Today, after moving into a new office in Porto, Infraspeak’s team grew to eleven people focused on product development, sales and marketing.

After a year marked by the participation in the Lisbon Challenge and 500 Startups (San Francisco) programs, Infraspeak’s Co-Founder and CTO, Luís Martins, points that

in 2017, as we aim to reach the United States and other European countries, our top priorities will be growing the team and expanding the product towards disruptive fields as Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data.

Despite its steep growth, Infraspeak’s mission did not change: helping facility managers, from hospitals to banks or hotels saving money, time and stress by efficiently managing all maintenance and special works in a single platform.

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