They say they turned the power strip into a gadget and now they power our modern lifestyle. How is that?

EGG Electronics developed the Egg PowerStation, a charging station that blends user-centered product engineering and design with over 100 accumulated man-years in the field of premium quality charging devices. The result is a beautiful equipment that allows the users to plug in and charge their equipments in a comfortable, quick, customizable and stylish way.

The startup has now raised a funding round from Portugal Ventures, EDP Ventures, Ganexa Seed Capital and Creative Wings to take their product from Europe to the rest of the world.

The investment represents the first of three rounds, to secure worldwide business revenue of 100 Million Euros by the end of 2021. This round is the foundation of that plan and future. It will be a day to remember and to celebrate for all the Start-ups in Portugal with a global market vision.

says Tiago Venda Morgado, Founder and CEO.

EGG Electronics was accelerated at Lisbon Challenge and incubated at EDP Starter through a program to support projects in the energy industry, from idea stage to venture capital investment.