Conference tickets, Startup Booths, PR, Marketing and branded swag are all familiar topics to Startups and burn a considerable amount of their tight budget. If you agree and see yourself in this, I might have good news for you.

Radix, a new top-level domain (TLD) registry for domain extensions like .tech, .space, .store, .online, to name a few, just launched the Startup League to help startups stand out.

How? Every startup in the league enjoys perks such as:

  • At least 25% sponsorship on their Startup Conference Ticket Fee at events such as SLUSH, WEBSUMMIT, DISRUPT, THE NEXT WEB and more.
  • PR and Marketing Support through content about startups being published on leading platforms such as, Alley Watch, The Next Web,, etc..
  • Special access to premium domain names
  • Branded Swag and more.

Any startup having an active official website on one of RADIX’s domain extensions (TECH .STORE .SPACE .ONLINE .PRESS .HOST .SITE .WEBSITE) is eligible to apply to the Startup League. You don’t have one? No worries, Radix is running a special campaign, use the coupon code STARTUPLEAGUE to get your Radix domain at $2.99.

The list of early adopters of the program includes startups such as, a feedback tool for restaurants and other service industry businesses, that is now being sponsored to attend Appsworld in October, and who are chosing .tech domains and are being sponsored to attend Techcrunch Disrupt this September at San Francisco.

To apply, all one needs to do is visit and sign up.

Participating in leading tech conferences to showcase one’s brand and product isn’t an inexpensive affair. It clearly calls for an investment of over $2000 just for a startup pod/booth which is a hefty amount for a founder of a new or fledgling startup. A key benefit of being part of the Startup League is that a good part of the startup’s event expense is taken care of. The startup can enjoy the same exposure at a fraction of the original investment.

The Startup League has been created to support startups on RADIX’s distinctive domain names in their endeavours to stand out amongst the competition, by providing essential marketing aid.