Luis Simões has become the first company to implement WeTruck technology, responding to the commitment of the company for R&D and environmental care. With almost 50 years of experience and more than 1800 employees, Luis Simões is one of the biggest logistic and transportation companies in Portugal.

WeTruck is targeted at transport and logistic companies that operate with temperature sensitive products supply. The device produces energy through photovoltaic panels installed on top of the truck and recovers energy during the vehicle braking and decelerations. It uses the energy generated to supply the refrigeration unit in electric mode.

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This partnership will bring immediate effects in reducing gas refrigeration units generated in Luis Simões’ trucks and trailers, allowing a reduction of up to 87% of carbon dioxide emissions during transport of products subject to temperature control.

After two years of research and more than 70,000 km of testing and trials in real operations, Luis Simões and AddVolt have shown that the technology contributes significantly in emissions, achieving a reduction of 844 kg per vehicle per month. The improvement also has an effect on a reduction of more than 30% of noise (about 30 dB) and increases the cooling efficiency of the products during transport.

This collaboration shows the potential of having big companies working with universities and startups to bring innovation to their activity.