EyeSee Solutions, the advertising technology provider utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms to non-intrusively place ads in-stream or in-image, just won the SXAméricas Startup Pitch Competition, at SXSW.

Based in Lisbon, with sales and marketing operations in New York, Austin and Los Angeles, EyeSee Solutions is a smart advertising technology that engages viewers and allows publishers, agencies and brands to get more out of their digital assets. EyeSee Solutions uses a proprietary algorithm, based on computer vision, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition techniques, in order to analyze each image and video, with no human intervention. Patent-protected technology automatically inserts content-relevant ads into the image or video with no need for human intervention making it fast, efficient and highly scalable for publishers.

The SXAméricas Startup Pitch Competition showcases the talent and entrepreneurial endeavors of 10 startups from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, Portugal, and U.S. Latino markets. This pitch event introduced attendees and investors to the immense possibilities presented by startups throughout the wider Spanish & Portuguese speaking markets.

André Pimentel, Chief Revenue Officer at EyeSee Solutions, is proud of this achievement:

This was our first time attending SXSW and being invited to participate in the SXAméricas agenda was in itself a win for the EyeSee team.

Interesting timing for this victory, since EyeSee Solutions is now very much focused in growing on the Latin American and US Hispanic Market. The recently announced partnership with BusinessTaps, comes as a strategy to achieve this goal.

BusinessTaps is focused on the business development strategy and expansion of innovative technologies that offer advertising agencies, publishers and brands new ways to leverage their digital assets and grow their businesses competitively.

With an experienced sales force located throughout Latin America as well as in the US Hispanic Market, BusinessTaps will be signing up new customers to test and roll out EyeSee Solutions in Latin America, to help them enhance and grow their businesses.

EyeSee Solutions is also part of The Global Startup Program from IC2 which is part of the University of Texas. The program provides business development, softlanding, incubation and acceleration opportunities to Portuguese technology-based companies.