It is no secret the Portuguese startup scene is developing a unique identity and competing in the international arena more than ever. But even if we are always aware of what’s happening, we can’t foresee the future. That’s why we asked for help to understand which startups will be making headlines in 2016.

Stephan Morais, Tiago Gomes Sequeira, Pedro Martins, Rita Marques and Carlos Cerqueira soon answered our request. This list was curated from their suggestions and it was a hard nut to crack. Much more could be named, but the task was to select 10 startups you must keep on your radar in 2016. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

ATTENTIVE.US delivers a smart notification system to provide information about leads and help professionals close more deals. They were the winners of the last Lisbon Challenge and secured a €100k investment from Caixa Capital. They will be joining Prémios Caixa Empreender, happening in February, where they might double the investment after pitching in front of some Top European Investors.



This was the first Portuguese startup joining Techstars Boston. doDOC is a workflow optimization platform for information systems and professional documents. It employs artificial intelligence to automatically import and deconstruct older documents into the information pieces that constitute their contents. New documents can be created through doDOC’s platform, while older documents can be edited. Users can share content, collaborate and review in real-time, always being completely focused on the content. Information from thousands of documents can be merged with just one-click, generating management reports to follow the life-cycle of documents.



Graphenest developed a novel method for large production of high quality graphene nanoplatelets and their functional derivatives. It gives the ability to commercialize graphene with a cost up to a 1000 times lower than the currently practiced technology. The target clients include consumer electronics, energy and composite materials industries. The startup expects to build a reactor for industrial-scale production till July.

LaserLeap Technologies


LaserLeap Technologies offers a painless, efficient solution for delivering cosmetics and drugs through the skin. Its mission is to develop a safe, simple, affordable solution for the global transdermal drug-delivery market. The startup was considered one of the 12 most promising startups in Europe by Tech All Stars 2014. Their first product, LL DERMAL, was launched on the market in late 2015.



Specialized in data mining, marketing, software and hardware engineering, Movvo delivers a solution that combines tracking technology with a powerful algorithm, to trace and analyze shoppers’ movements in retail spaces. This startup expects to reach break-even in 2016 and open offices in Hong-Kong and the Middle East.



Performetric is a real-time monitoring system that allows the detection of behaviors associated to fatigue in a non-invasive and non-intrusive way. Supported by Hovione Capital and eggNEST, the team is working mainly with companies right now. Working on a growing market, for 2016 the team expects to launch the software for individual users.



Petable is a mobile app for preventive animal healthcare which helps pet owners to proactively follow their pets’ healthcare programs (vaccinations, chronic treatments such as deworming, etc.), simultaneously allowing veterinarians and veterinary clinics direct access. Founded in 2014, Petable already has over 10 thousand users – pet owners – worldwide and has more than 50 clinics that use the platform to carry out their jobs more effectively. 2016 will be a growing year in foreign markets.

Sphere Ultrafast Photonics


Sphere Ultrafast Photonics develops ultrafast pulsed laser solutions, providing customers with products that highly improve the performance of femtosecond laser applications. Their d-scan patent pending technology is an inline, compact and high-performance device for the simultaneous measurement and compression of even the most demanding ultrashort laser pulses. Sphere Ultrafast Photonics was awarded as “The Most Promising Technology” by the community in the 2015 UP AWARDS, late November.



VideObserver is a Sports Performance Analysis platform designed to offer software that allows users to analyse the performance of a player and a team in detail. It offers versions for Football, Futsal, Handball, Basketball and Roller Hockey. The clients include top Portuguese and Brazilian teams, national women’s football teams, the Portuguese Handball Federation, World Champion Futsal team Kairat Almaty and the Orlando City Club in the USA. The team is working to make VideObserver a reference in sports data analysis.



WiseCrop is an agricultural decision support tool that has 4 main functionalities: Monitoring, Alert, Actuation and Records. Their Advanced Prediction Models can detect diseases, pests, abnormal weather conditions, hydric stress and bad nutrition. They trigger alerts so that producers can take preventive actions before the crop is harmed. It is also possible to remotely activate irrigation systems and other electronic devices. WiseCrop was one of the startups representing Portugal at TechMatch Global.