The Porto based startup that’s tracking your loved one’s activity and location through their Findster device, was selected to join HAX Accelerator in San Francisco.

Findster is now part of the narrow batch of 10 teams that will be supported by the first and largest hardware accelerator in the world.

haxThe incubation will start in February and take 6 weeks, during which the startup will receive mentoring from retail, digital marketing and logistics specialists and it is supposed to optimize sales and the distribution mechanisms.

As 70% of the sales come from the US market already, joining HAX will be important to strengthen their position in the country, as CEO David Barroso states:

HAX will help Findster reach faster and more efficiently the distribution and retail channels in the US market, which is new for a tech Portuguese product that was built for the final customer.

Findster recently had a successful crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. The first version of the device, that’s totally manufactured in Portugal, will be for sale in February.

The development team will stay in Porto, but part of the team will be relocated to San Francisco where they’ll finalize their ‘product/retail fit’ and learn to boost their sales with the help of the HAX full-time staff and extensive mentor network.