Portugal Ventures just announced Stuk.io joined their portfolio.

Stuk.io is an online education platform that allows users to turn business ideas into web and mobile apps, from social networks to integrated payment systems. Founded in 2014, Stuk.io is present in more than 100 countries, has over 10 thousand clients and aims at hiring 20 new collaborators within the next 12 months to reach 100 thousand clients in the short term.

The investment made by Portugal Ventures will allow the company to increase its content library. Tiago Martins, the CEO said that

due to the recent exponential growth of our client database, this investment will help us answer the daily requests for new content.

The CEO further states that “Stuk.io can quickly become one of the global market leaders in programming education”, believing that the company may become worth over 100 million euros in the coming years.

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The platform is currently focused on the Ruby on Rails programming framework, but it will expand to others such as Node, AngularJS and Swift.

The aim is to build the world’s largest coding education repository, and to enable any programmer to build or integrate any service or technology

states Tiago.

To the date, Portugal Ventures has already invested in more than 50 startups.