Do you use short-stay home rental services like Airbnb and HomeAway? Then TimeResQ just launched the perfect pack for you.

TimeResQ is a concierge startup that sells a wide range of packages filled with at-home comforts. You can pre-order the products on the website, and they will be there waiting for you at the front door of your foreign holiday/business destination.

For many tourists and professionals, one of the main disadvantages of renting a house is not having access to some products, like groceries, dog/cat food, alcoholic beverages, diapers and so on. And it can be hard and time-consuming to shop for those things in a foreign place, where you don’t know the location of the store or even how to speak the national language. Even though the home rental business is booming, there are still some barriers: 30% of travellers refuse home rentals due to the lack of services and comforts provided. And TimeResQ saw that as an opportunity, and it is now the first go-to service to focus on the traveller, not just the hosts.

None of the founders were born in Portugal, but TimeResQ found in Lisbon the perfect place to establish its headquarters. According to Jeremy Bryant, CEO at TImeResQ, choosing Lisbon to set up the headquarters was a “no brainer” for the founders:

Jeremy Bryant - CEOPortugal offered TimeResQ all the needed tools to set up rapidly. Easy international flight connections, a simplified administration set up as well as high speed internet connection and a vibrant energy on the tech scene was all we needed to create an international organisation.

From now on, TimeResQ is available in 16 cities (New York, Paris, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, Porto, Copenhagen, Prague, Pune, Toronto, Mexico City, Mumbai and St Petersburg), 13 countries, but the company aims to cover over 30 international cities within 23 countries in its first year alone.

“Such a young industry is still far from perfect and ensuring satisfying its guests is the way to go—TimeResQ fills that need. Now you’ll arrive after a long day of sightseeing or business meetings to a full fridge, bar, nursery or briefcase.”