Building a startup is no simple task. Too many requests and not enough time to take advantage of all opportunities that exist out there. Using the right set of startup tools can be a huge help. To make your work easier, we selected 10 Portuguese tools that you should be using.

1. Talkdesk

talkdeskA “call center in the browser.” Talkdesk’s customers can set up a call center within minutes in their browser without having to download and set up complicated software. Calls come in through their browser, pulling up the caller’s history and information, and can easily be rerouted to other agents, tracked, and analyzed.

2. Liquid

liquidA software analytics service that helps smartphone app developers, product owners and marketers to deploy game-changing personalisation for individual users in real-time, without rewriting their apps.

3. Popcorn Metrics

popcorn metricsPopcorn Metrics makes it super easy to track events without you needing to write custom code. They track *actual* user behavior on your website, like when users search for items, fill in forms, download resources, add stuff to their cart, or when they login.

4. JScrambler

JScrambler logoThe most mature and complete JavaScript and HTML5 protection on the market. JScrambler is currently the only solution that not only protects desktop web applications, but also secures HTML5, mobile, and web gaming applications.

 5. Passworks 

passworksPassworks offers an integrated solution for brands to create, manage and distribute, pass-marketing campaigns through the mobile wallets of all major platforms including Passbook, Google Wallet and Windows Phone Wallet.

6. Unbabel

unbabelUnbabel offers an online translation service that combines Artificial Intelligence with Crowd Post-Editing, to provide seamless translation. Unbabel combines top technical innovations to power a more inclusive internet, where all content is available to anyone, regardless of their native language.


getsocialThe social media app store for all your needs. It helps websites increase traffic, engagement and conversions.



HOKOHOKO is building the first App network through an emerging technology called deeplinking. Deeplinking allows to create smart links that increase traffic and conversion rates to any company owning an app.

9. Emailbidding

emailbiddingAn email marketing marketplace that automatically optimizes your campaigns. Emailbidding connects Advertisers and Publishers (list owners) automating the sending process, optimizing and targeting an e-mail marketing campaign to multiple databases.

10. Codacy

codacyAn automated code review tool that helps developers to save time in code reviews and to tackle technical debt efficiently. Codacy tracks new issues by severity level for every commit and pull request and allows a hassle free customization of static analysis It provides advanced code metrics on the health of a project and on the performance of teams.