MusicYou, a new Portuguese music sharing app, raised 300.000€ in seed investment. The investment round was lead by Smart Equity, with participation from Brains2Market.

And as a good news never comes alone, MusicYou also announced an exclusive deal with PT Portugal to promote one of the biggest music festivals, MEO SW, taking place between 5 and 9 of August 2015.

MusicYou is the fastest way to share any moment with music. With MusicYou, the users can share any content with music (text, photos, videos). The process is quite simple: after taking a photo, making a video or writing a text, you just have to choose one out of 40 million musics available on the app and add it. You can share any moment with one or more friends, through any messenger app, social network or social media.

According to Rui Lopes, Founder and CEO at MusicYou:

Music can transform any situation in an unique moment and it is a powerful communication tool. We are just bringing a new music experience focused on the private sharing of music.

The investment will support the public launch of the beta version of MusicYou on a global scale.

For Gonçalo Araújo Fernandes, investor at Smart Equity, unlike the other music apps that focus on playing and finding songs, MusicYou offers a creation tool and User-Generated-Content sharing with music.

Armando Almeida, CEO of PT Portugal, is also very glad with the partnership:

MusicYou is an innovative product that we’ll use to promote our summer festivals. Music is an universal language that creates strong feelings and memories, and at PT Portugal we believe that innovation is the key to bring new and exciting products to our clients.