Covilhã based Agroop is the first Portuguese startup to raise money on Seedrs. Agroop is a cloud based platform that allows farmers to manage their operations from their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Currently many of the shortcomings observed in the farming sector are due to the lack of a universal tool that allows farmers to manage their activities in an integrated, collaborative and informed way. To overcome these problems, Agroop is providing 4 complementary solutions:

  • 1st Solution – Agroop Operational: Operational management tool that would allow farmers to manage and monitor their field operations while in constant cooperation with their respective associations.
  • 2nd Solution – Agroop Social: A social network just for the farming sector whose main goal is to promote the creation of synergies among its users.
  • 3rd Solution – Agroop Academy: A network whose main goal is to facilitate the access to educational information in an inclusive way.
  • 4th Solution – Agroop Commercial: E-commerce component of the project which would allow the buying and selling of farming produce.

Agroop is currently raising 75.000€ and is offering 5% equity. Bruno Fonseca, looks at Seedrs as an innovative way of raising money that can also bring many other things.

bruno fonseca



We opted for Seedrs because besides helping us raise money, it’s also allowing Agroop to gain visibility and credibility. Seedrs due diligence process is extremely demanding, which brings lots of security to potential investors and credibility to us.”

Agroop is currently in prototype phase and that’s another reasons why they decided to use Seedrs.

“We feel that in Portugal, some financing mechanisms are still not very open to support startups in prototype phase, much less in an industry that is perceived as very conservative, as in the case of agriculture. However, that’s not our opinion. There are currently strong national and international indicators that support that agriculture is a sector with huge potential and future.”

More information about the crowdfunding campaign, on Seedrs:

agroop on seedrs