rui santos coutoLet me introduce you to Rui Santos Couto, the founder of Musicverb. He is an event manager and musician. As an event manager, he has a portfolio of hundreds of events, from festivals to concerts at several Portuguese relevant venues like Casa da Música. He got in touch with more than 1000 musicians, but after several years working as an event manager and agent, Rui felt all the issues Musicverb is now solving. For years he tried to adapt different tools and softwares trying different methods. Talking with other professionals around the world made him realize that collaboration, information management and optimization are critical needs shared by people from different markets. That’s why Rui founded Musicverb.

Musicverb LogoMusicverb is a cloud-based live music booking management platform. A B2B web software where agencies, events and artists share the same working environment to collaborate, optimize their workflows and network. Until now, agencies were showcasing their artists online, but from now on they are also delivering an amazing point-of-booking™ to promoters and curators, where they can create new booking requests easily than ever before. Events simplify their programming and booking job. In fact, once events have an account, it’s all about selecting artists, evaluating options, being creative.

This new tool will bring a brand new life to the booking management job. All booking requests at one single place, being able to chat directly in a private and live conversation where messages have a legal value and work as a dynamic contract are just two of the revolutionary features for the live music world.

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At Musicverb you can Explore more than 500k artists worldwide and add them to your events.