Lisbon did it again. After last week’s event to launch “Lisboa – European Capital of Entrepreneurship”, this week the Lisbon Municipality launched Lisbon Business Connections, a global network aiming at leveraging the social reach of Portuguese people home and abroad to make foreign companies and investors aware of just how much Lisbon has to offer. Anyone can be part of this network and officially become a connector. What matters is that they have a desire to help promote Lisbon as an attractive place to do business.

Today’s event brought together CEO’s of big national and international companies, members of some governmental organisations, like AIECEP and members of Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Portuguesa. The message in the room was clear. Lisbon has all conditions to not only attract foreign investment from big multinationals, but also attract early-stage and growing startups looking for a great place to locate their teams. What Lisbon needs to make that happen? Talent, good infrastructures, a safe, enjoyable and clean city and a City Hall that is out of the way.

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