It’s that time of the year again. Time to, once more, bring families together and buy some Christmas gifts. For some, figuring out what to buy can be a nightmare. So, we, at, created this list of 10 Xmas gifts made in Portugal that are going to make you look good among your family and friends. We couldn’t be more excited about this list. From games to beach towels, from art to gadgets, there is something for everyone in this list. Feel free to make some other suggestions in our comments’ area. We are always looking out for cool stuff.


  1. vertty logoWe are still far away from Summer in Portugal, but a Vertty will make you dream. Vertty has reinvented the concept of the beach towel, carrying the sophistication of the city to the casual setting of the beach. Based on a philosophy of evolution, the brand created a model that explores the full potential of a common object. With a new design, larger size and lighter weight, presenting a waterproof pocket and a colorful variety, the Vertty towel is an accessory that not only fulfills its role but represents a stance.

  1. memeoirs logoMemeoirs is a web app which allows people to effortlessly create a gorgeous book containing their e-mails, facebook messages and whatsApp conversations in a mostly automatic fashion. All the user needs to do is to decide the time period and which contacts to include. Of course they also get to have fun customizing their book. This is the perfect gift for your better half!

  1. lapa logoIs your best friend always losing his/her keys? Maybe Lapa is the right gift for him/her! Lapa is the first truly social lost & found system! Lapa is a Bluetooth Low Energy object finder with Facebook integration that enables the world to collaborate to find lost items.

  1. o meu copo logoSubscription models are sexy. From beauty products to underwear, they are hard to resist. O Meu Copo is a monthly subscription package with two bottles of exclusive wine, a tasting sheet and a video with Rodolfo Tristão (wine expert) to accompany the tasting. A great gift for wine lovers.

  1. shair logoArt isn’t usually part of our Christmas lists, but Shair is changing that. Shair is an online gallery where you can buy art from more than 500 different emergent artists. Make sure you don’t get too addicted to their beautiful gallery.

  1. toyno logoWe love toyno®. Born in 2011, toyno® creates toys for grown-ups. From the Donko to the Ello they are hard to resist. Clearly different from anything that you have ever seen before.

  1. Science4you logoIt’s impossible not to like a company that combines toys and games with science. Science4you has been around since 2008 and they keep surprising us. The perfect Christmas gift for a 12-year-old scientist in the making.

  1. nerdmonkeys logoWe all have friends that have a “detective gene”, always looking for mysteries to solve. Now, they can play Detective Case and Clown Bot in Murder in the Hotel Lisbon and solve a “real” murder in a hotel in Lisbon. This game is a Nerd Monkeys production.

  1. earbox logoDo you have a lot of music aficionados among your friends and family? Earbox is a Portuguese fashion company that produces hoodies with speakers. Nice high tech hoodies.

  1. skog logoWe are obsessed with this handmade sunglasses made out of wood or bamboo. They look so stylish and unique. The right gift for your stylish friends?