Codacy, the Portugal-based startup with offices in Lisbon, London and San Francisco, just won the Beta category pitch competition in the Web Summit.

codacy logoThe company provides an automated code review tool that helps developers better manage code quality to reduce time-to-market and code maintainability costs. It centralises customisable code patterns and enforces them within engineering teams. Codacy tracks issues by severity level for every commit and pull request. It provides advanced code metrics on the health of a project and on the performance of teams.

[Update: the pitch video]


Congratulations to the team, hopefully we’ll see you in Dublin next year in the Start group of startups in the Web Summit.

To know more about what we are talking and to understand the presence of Portugal at the Web Summit, you can find more information below.

The Web Summit

Web Summit logoWeb Summit is a technology-industry conference held in Dublin with a serious focus on internet technology. It gathers thousands, yes, thousands of people from across the global technology industry, as well as related industries.

They claim for themselves the title of place “Where the Tech World Meets”. And if doubts are left about the power of this event, let’s do some math:

  • More than 500 speakers, from Elon Musk to Bono, from John Sculley to Eva Longoria;
  • 11 Summits within the Summit;
  • More than 20.000 attendees, including 100 top Tech CEOs, like Drew Houston or Phil Libin;
  • Facebook, Google, Coca-Cola and 1,000 more companies exhibiting;
  • 200+ satellite events;
  • 1,000 experienced investors;
  • 800 tech journalists;
  • We heard it takes 20/25 minutes walking to get from the main stage to the Food Summit. 
Focus on startups

This event might have great value for tech geek individuals, but it is a must go for startups.

More than 2000 startups are exhibiting during one day over the course of the three days Conference, divided by industry and three development stages:


Early stage startups in the Summit for the first time to get product validation, customer engagement and advice from industry experts. They are usually bootstrapped or have raised a small seed round.


Middle stage startups who have raised series A or beyond but are actively looking for further investment and media attention.


Late stage startups who are industry leaders, that have raised in excess $10M. These companies exhibit like the previous ones, but have access to meetings with advisors and startup workshops. Uber, Coursera or Dropbox have previously participated in this program.

More than 40 portuguese startups are participating in this event. Some are:

Some Portuguese investors are also present:

  • João Pereira – Director of Venture Capital, Portugal Ventures
  • Teresa Fernandes – Member of the Board at Portugal Ventures
  • Alexandre Barbosa – Co-Founder & Managing Director, Faber Ventures
  • Stephan Morais – Executive Director at Caixa Capital