Last week, on October 2nd, it happened once again in Portugal Mini Seedcamp Lisbon. On this day, 11 startups had the chance to pitch to Carlos Espinal, a Partner at Seedcamp, in order to be picked to attend the Seedcamp Week Berlin, taking place in late November. Here are the 11 startups that pitched at the event:

  • B-GUEST: a platform to connect hotels and guests during their stays.
  • doDOC: changing the scientific article writing paradigm by delivering a fully focused writing experience, separating the formatting and styling process into an automated and instantaneous step.
  • Earthindicators: a one-stop-shop platform for Natural Resources measuring from real-time data acquisition to complex integrated models, enabling fast, focused and smart decisions, with Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Feedcruncher: a vertical solution for the real estate business. Versatile, but especially designed for those who want to sell their properties abroad.
  • Ignidata: lets you create your own market research and crunches the numbers for you, delivering real time results for consumer habits.
  • Legal Flow: combines simplified project management software with a matchless visual mapping tool, designed specifically for the legal industry.
  • Skilleo: a one-stop place for developers, where they can compete in gamified online coding competitions to prove how skillful they are to other developers and tech companies.
  • Trip Dashboard: helps tourism businesses optimize their offerings through an easy-to-use, intuitive, online dashboard with graphical representation of tourism indicators in near real-time.
  • Vitalidi: clutter-free identity recognition applications with the signals from the heart.
  • Weclipse: Record a 7-second clip, give it a caption and challenge your friends to join your video.
  • Wonnova: offers a gamification platform (Woost) that allows companies to integrate gamification elements on every site or intranet, in an easy and quick way, to help them achieve their goals by boosting customer loyalty and/or enhancing employee productivity.

In Berlin the lucky selected teams will spend 3 days with the Seedcamp team, meeting over 200 of their mentors. If they are lucky, some might be selected to join the next batch of the Seedcamp program.

It’s important to remember that Portuguese startups have been quite successful at Seedcamp. Portugal is the country outside the UK with the most startups invested by Seedcamp, including Zercatto, Popcorn Metrics, Crowdprocess, Hole 19, Modelo3, Cashtag and Codacy.

More information about the organizer:

Seedcamp is the leading European investor in micro-seed investment and mentoring and is wholly dedicated to early stage startups.

Caixa Capital is the Private Equity and Venture Capital arm of banking Group Caixa Geral de Depósitos and has a track record spanning over two decades of activity, since the industry was created in Portugal. It is a leading investor in terms of funds under management, portfolio size and diversity.

Credits: picture taken from the Lisbon Challenge Blog